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Grinding concrete on the industrial floor is a preparation method for removing previous floor coatings, smoothing bumps and leveling unevenness.  It uses the most aggressive type of diamond blade to remove thin film floor coatings; and is often a first step in concrete polishing. 

Concrete floor preparation's grinding,  provides a smoother concrete flooring surface.  When the new floor coating is applied, it will appear uniform and smoother. The grinding process replaces and eliminates pulverization methods like shot blasting, creating less micro-fracturing in the concrete, and often improving adhesion as a result.

Micro-fracturing can create tiny fractures at the surface of the concrete that can cause the concrete to loosen, a mini-version of scaling. Grinding is a gentler way to remove thin film coatings without damaging the integrity of the concrete.

Grinding concrete can be used in conjunction with other methods of floor removal such as shot blasting, scarification, pressure cleaning, even milling. These other methods remove thicker concrete coatings and grinding concrete can then be used to complete the finer finishing.

Deco-Coat's experienced and highly trained floor preparation and installation team, knows how to properly prepare and repair industrial floors including pharmaceutical, retail and food processing plant. 

Shot Blasting Industrial Concrete Floor Resurfacing

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Shot blasting, also referred to as abrasive blast cleaning or blast tracking, is an effective method for removing existing floor coatings in industrial plants, commercial concrete floors, steel decks or parking garages. Shot blasting uses very small round metal particles that are directed to the surface of the concrete in order to loosen the bond between the concrete and the existing floor coating. Any concrete particles are vacuumed and collected.

Slot blasting concrete floors is best used to:

  • Remove thin concrete floor coatings.

  • Prepare bare concrete.

  • Clean up any existing floor coatings or residues left behind after scarifying concrete.

  • Remove thicker floor coatings when used in combination with concrete grinding or milling.

Industrial Concrete Floor scarify

Concrete Prep Columbus Ohio

Scarifying industrial concrete floors is a preparation method prior to installing certain concrete floor coatings. It is an effective solution for removing thicker existing floor coatings and resurfacers. Scarifying loosens the bond between the concrete and the surface coating revealing bare concrete underneath.

Cemeticious urethane concrete floor coatings require a more aggressive surface profile preparation to create the best bond. Deco-Coat utilizes vacuums attached directly to the scarifying machine in order to manage and minimize dust particles.